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What a lonely Forum, lack of interest or what? Here are some items to chew on....let's see...I think there is a war or something going on somewhere, I'm pretty sure that the air we breathe, among other things, is dirty, I know a lot of people with HIV (is that still considered a problem?)...hmmmmm, oh well! I wonder what time Idol is on tonight....

Yeah I know I'm a smartass! :tongue: Peace and Love fellows.


Yeah.. It can be kind of lonely on here sometimes... Why not start a convo and wait. Some people cant get on all the time like I can. You all you have to do is just wait.. we all get on at wierd times unlike me. I'm always on here... but I do love this site :biggrin: :biggrin:

I'm really diggin this site too, I think that it'll fill up over time. Smile

Yeah, all you have to do is give it time. Andy is trying to get people from all over the world on here so once we start getting more people on here then it will be more alive. But until then, we have each other :biggrin:

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