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Hey Y'all
I'm new, so I just thought I'd introduce myself.

My names Joe, I'm from Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Im a currently unemployeed bartender due to a fire that destroyed our family buisness of over 60 years. I am single and dating, but getting quite fed up due to the lack of honesty. I'm interested in meeting local guys or guys from around the world. I like to think that I'm a sweet guy, I'm honest and blunt. Sometimes I can be shy, so if I get quiet, jus smack me around alittle bit and I'll liven up. Smile Hope to meet some nice guys!

Well welcome to the site. Hope your not to cold up there. :tongue: Its getting cold down here in Texas but it should warm back up soon I hope. I like your pic on your profile. Wink Wink
Anyways, welcome again and hope you have fun with the weather and the site. I'm always on if you want someone to talk to.

Thanks for the welcome. Smile
Yes, it is quite frigid here, it keeps snowing on and off, which is pretty sad because its friggin april. But ah well. Thanks for the compliment, you're quite the looker yourself. Smile Talk to ya soon.

Welcometo the site BluDetroit. We are all new here really - i am loving it so far.

Sorry to hear about your family business, hope everything will get sorted real soon.

Thanks, appreciate it, hopefully things will get moving along soon. Smile
Nice to meet you.

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