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Ok, I play a game called Flyff, I dont know how many people are into MMORPG's or anything, but I love this game. I have been playing it for 2 years now and I cant get enough. If you want to check it out, you can view it by going to thier Website. They also have 3 other games, but they are really good games and this company makes the best free online games I have found. I have a whole list of free online games that are great, since I am a whore when it comes to games.

Thats pretty sweet. I used to play EQ for like 7 years (literally)
I'm definately going to check it out the games once I get home on my comp. What games are you playin now? I played wow while it was in beta and for acouple months after it went live. Same thing with Vanguard, except for I only played during beta. I was thinking about playing EQ again with the progression servers.

Sweet.. Right now I am playing Rappelz, Flyff and EQ. You should check out my guild ( we have no members, just me and my best friend who created the guild but I am also a guild leader once she gets off her ass and makes me one.. lol) Thin Blue Line I made the site :biggrin:

Cool , do you have to download anything to your computer to play these games? Hope not coz i dont like downloading and install stuff in my pc makes it slow :frown:

All you have to download is the game client

I still haven't got round to trying this. (dont hurt me Udabar) lol

:mad: :mad: :mad:

I love Flyff! My usernames are RichardBond, JackBond, and CeliaBond.

If you friend me, we can't talk about being gay though, cause my parents will find out >.<

I've thought about trying Flyff out, but since I don't have my PC anymore and I'm relying on my macbook I've been too lazy to boot into windows to play games, so I've only been playing wow recently.

I'll probably get around to it when I have some spare time.

I have been playing WoW like crazy. I am on the Shadow Council server, I'm a Preist. Having lots of fun playing it.

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