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Thanks,I still need to do more photo shoots. It's so fun what i do. I just need the props for it all. Invasion

Just updated mine. Kinda Smallville obsessed lately :redface:

Your not obsessed with the show... you just want the main actors cock in your mouth. :tongue:

But the main actor (Tom whatever) is so ugly lol
Or you just want him coz hes famous :tongue:

Actually, it's not Tom Welling im interested in. More Justin Hartley (google him) who plays Green Arrow in Season 6 hehe... **drools** and I met the guy last weekend...PHWOARRRR !!

Dont know who Green Arrow is,dont think I've seen any of season 6 so...dunno who that guy is. oh well. Wink

seriously..google his name..hehe Invasion

He ain't too bad looking,finally looked him up lol. I've still gotta wait for ages to see smallville season 6 :frown:
So unfair :eek:

I've been downloading it every week from the states. was the season Finale last thursday. Season 7 starts end of September. Season 8 (the final season) starts mid next year I believe.

Lucky you,I ain't got my own computer. I have to go to the local library Cry
Oh well,I suppose I can wiat until its all on national tv lol

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