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boy trouble
i work at a resort and there's this one guy that i have worked with am sure he is straight but he is cute and it seems like he flirts with me the other day when we were working he put something down on my work station that i needed i said thank u and he looked up smiled and said ur welcome then there was last night at the bar where i work at i brushed my leg up against his and i was like uh sorry an he turned around and said no problem i dont know what to say to him i think hes cute and i have butterfly but i am jut wasting my time on him or not ?????

Smile Are you having a good time? If yes, then you are not wasting your time. Every nice day counts.
Flirting is ok, just don't fall in love with him until you are sure he is gay or bi.

If I were you , I would ask him for a coffee, that way you can get to know him better.
However ,I would not suggest that you start a relationship with some one that you work with.

It can get really messy , and you will have to work with him.

ok thanks and i will take thoses in thoughts and yes i am having fun i like working with him i like talking with him and i love his smile but am pretty sure he dont know am gay and am sure he likes girls cause of a comment maybe a sit down and talk will do Smile

Relationships and work don't go too well together.

Sounds like you found yourself a nice friend and work mate though.

a co-worker is awkward after the romance. There is no reason he has to be gay (or even know what he is doing), gays make up a small portion of the population (3-8%). Gay men dont really follow any stereotype, they just like the same sex.

Look at this face book page. Discover a little about him. Find an activity he likes to do and offer to hang out. Would he make a good friend for the summer.

Is everyone having crushes now? Did I miss out on a crush festival???

My best friend is on to her third boyfriend at work.
This is right after she broke up with the second one due to rumors.

My other friend had an affair with a guy from work.
She recently got pissed off at him for not turning up at her birthday dinner and went to his house, talked to the wife about the affair, and now the dude is preparing for a divorce.
I don't not what will happen yo my friend aft the word is out about the divorce....

So much drama, not worth risking your job over....

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