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My Grandpa is an A-Hole!!!
I am venting more than anything else but want to share my grandpa's stupidity with you. My grandpa literally has a genius IQ, and for some reason that arrogant prick thinks he is right about everything, and if you have a different opinion then he does, your automatically wrong. Im an EMT Intermediate and he was trying to tell me in a discussion that I was doing CPR all wrong and that the instructors for those classes are idiots! Really?!?!?!

So get this, My dad and I got an invite to go and have lunch with my grandpa and my uncle. Mind you this is neither my grandpa by blood and its my dads father in-law. Im in the closet with my family, and I am not even close to the point of coming out to them right now, but anyway, my grandpa actually had the audacity to say that all homosexual men are pedophiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has absolutely no good explanation to why he thinks this, but stands by the idea that it is 100% correct! And we are all wrong! I dont know about everyone here but as a gay man I have never, ever had any thoughts like that in my life!!!!!!! My dad actually jumped in and said " thats bullsh*t!, so by proxy of of what your saying is that a straight man would want to molest and violate a little girl! or that a straight woman would want to molest and violate a little boy!" My grandpa then said, "No it doesnt apply to US" I never wanted to beat the shit out of somebody so bad in my life!

Ughhhh! Sorry guys and gals, im just livid right now, Im done venting

Thanks for listening,


Ryan, you were right to vent here, since there's no one else around you who can hear your rage. Your grandfather can't be right all the time. He's opinionated, that's for certain, but he's not right.

First and foremost, it's not a question of black and white, but more a question of all kinds of greys in between... like most human sexuality. And so he may be right in saying that some homosexuals have pedophile feelings, that is probably the case. That all of us have them, is blatantly wrong. I've never had those feelings either, and neither has my partner.

I wonder what kind of personal experience your grandfather's had to make him think that? Maybe he has been molested himself? That would put a twist on the story...

The good thing about you growing up is that you start realising that neither your parents nor your grandparents are always right and admirable; They have their flaws too.

I'm glad your dad stood up to his stupid comment by calling his bluff, but you'll just have to agree to disagree. I know this must make you feel quite raw, all the more so as you can't tell him who you are and why he's wrong to have these ideas. But you're not going to change him now, I don't think... Why not concentrate on things that you CAN change? Leave that man in his own ignorance. It shouldn't have any consequences on your life.
Take care.... and have a cool drink. Confusedmile:

*sigh* Ryan, my partner was taught that all his young years. The society is just... I don't know, sometimes the world is weird.

sod it - i agree with u in this case mate - your Granpa is a A-Hole on this subject, older people have a vast amount of knowlage that has been passed on or gained over thier lifetime, and many (myself included)have ignored this advice or information only to find out they were right in the long run - But , on other occasions they are stuck in the past and come out with crap like this !!

Sorry, those aren't words of someone with a high IQ, more the words of a religious zealot with a high opinion of themself.

I've met some people who think like that. You just gotta wonder how they can seriously believe that garbage. I like your dad's like of thinking.

Oh and this is a good place to vent so don't be sorry for posting Smile

It's a distressingly common belief, even by some who aren't that religious (though if asked to show proof they will invariably point to a religious site or source). Given that I used to work with children a lot (especially girls, typically for "princess birthday parties" and like when I was paid to take girls to see the Hannah Montana movie) I was scared of mothers finding out I was a lesbian. And it was at least a little justified because when it finally came out I was gay there were parents who wanted their children to stay away from me and mine because they didn't want their children "exposed to that" (and in that case they weren't even scared of my being a molester).

I recall one guy I knew online (despite our frequent disagreements and his hatred of gays and knowing I was a lesbian we enjoyed each other's fanfics a lot) who believed all gays were pedophiles who should be publicly executed and this was because he'd been molested himself by a man when he saw a movie by himself. He'd never answer if he included lesbians in the pedophile category, and he most certainly would not tell me how much he sympathized with girls molested like him, and even a lot worse than him by a lot of men, when they hated all men as pedophiles and said things like (Mary Daly) all males should be castrated at birth or the SCUM Manifesto (written by a woman who was said to have been sexually abused by her father until she ran away from home and became a prostitute). But I'm pretty sure he had the same double standard as your grandfather, though his refusal to answer the questions also suggested to me that at some level he knew he wasn't being rational.

Anyway, my advice is just not to discuss it with him. But if you must then here's a statement that's almost guaranteed to annoy him (as it does so many know it all pseudo-intellectuals making blanket statements like that without any valid reason or evidence): “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence.” :tongue:

Beware of making blanket statements back, however. For example, if he's a redneck and you make some crack that all rednecks fool around with their cousins or say he's a vet (which he almost certainly is) that "all soldiers catch STDs from prostitutes" it could very well turn out to be true with HIM and thus reinforce his view (and his desperation to think of others as worse than he is). :eek:

Whoa that would have set me off big time.

I am so sorry you had to hear such bovine scat and arrogance.
I don't blame you for venting.

CPR - they changed how it is done oh about 10 years ago. So he most likely learned old school CPR and thinks you are doing it wrong.

As for the other thing about gay men - strike it up to his age. The world he grew up in this was pretty much a given 'truth' about gays.

Yes over the course of 40+ years such attitudes and beliefs have become pretty old fashioned, like a whole hella lot of other notions.

He sounds charming - I must invite him to lunch. Rolleyes

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