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Cannot see videos
I have a question for any computer savvy person out there, my computer ran an update last night and afterward I was browsing around and clicked on a youtube vid, and it never loaded. I've tried it several times, and I have tried several other sites as well to see how universal it was.

I've tried to download the latest version of Flash, but even then I haven't been able to get anything to show up.

Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

What browser are you using?

PC right?
down load another internet browser, you should have 2 on your computer for security anyways. Does the second browser fail too.

On your PC, Windows has Internet Explorer installed by default. Do you have Mozilla Firefox as well?

Hmm, I have been using Firefox, but I tried IE and it did work properly. (and yes, I have a PC). So what should I put on Firefox to make it work?

Perhaps try CTRL+Shift+A and see if there is anything like shockwave flash that is blocked?

Go to settings in Firefox and force an "update", then download latest shock wave and install it. That should hook you up

Thanks guys, its working now.

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