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Backpacking through Europe
Ok, I have always wanted to go backpacking through Europe, but I have never been there and wouldn't know where to start. I prolly wouldn't have anyone to bring either. Ok, now on to some questions...
1. Does anyone know anyone that has gone backpacking through Europe?
2. Where would the best place be to start?
3. Any other advice? Laugh

I've done lots of backpacking through Europe, both alone and with others. A few recommendations:

- buy a good travel guide, like a Lonely Planet or a Rough Guide, and read at least part of it before your departure.

- youth hostels or hotels are more comfortable than camping. Camping when you're alone is no fun at all :frown:

- if you really want to do camping, go to campsites with good public transport. Those are rare, but you'll find them in Budapest, Prague and Vienna for instance.

- cheap countries are Hungary, Czech and Slowak Republics, Poland, the former Yugoslavic Republics and the Baltic states. I would say that Hungary and the Czech republic are most suited for backpacking tourists; the others could be too primitive.

- take night trains with sleepers, that can save you a lot on hotel costs.

- never book any hotels in advance. Just look up suitable ones in your Lonely Planet or Rough guide and call them when you're there.

- speaking german makes your holiday in east- or middle Europe a lot easier

(to be continued)

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