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Tori Amos! ADP May 1st
Oh man, I cannot wait untill the release of Tori's new album (american doll posse) in May. I havent been this excited about an album in a while. I heard acouple clips of it and it reminds me of her older stuff which I worshipped. lol
Lovin it! Anyone else a fan?


I always liked her singles, but never really listened to her, or in fact watched her perform (not live) until a few months ago when a guy I was dating turned me on to her - he was obsessed! But, yeah, she's amazing and I certainly plan on buying this album! I love how every one of her songs is based on a story from her life and she assembles every aspect of her music herself - a true blue musician. I think I will give a listen right now Wink.

I'm so excited about it. I definately recommend you take a listen or buy the album when it comes out. I'm actually thinking about getting a cartoon drawing of tori for a tattoo. I'm not sure yet, I have acouple ideas in mind.

I came to know Tori Amo's music from my sis , she is a big fan . I love her music but not so much to tattoo her in my body . Where do you think to tattoo her, anywhere exclusive? :biggrin:

I was wanting to get this cartoon probably somewhere on my back. I know its alittle extreme but shes always been a huge influence in my life, and always been there to fall back on when I'm not feeling like I'm doing so well.

[Image: 0411071540.jpg]

Cool, I like it! I only have one tattoo - I think it is soooo hard to pick one b/c it will never really go away! But if you can live with Tori looking over your shoulder then do it. Rock on, dude.



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