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im sure u can chat to people on yahoo if your signed into msn and theyre on your contact list... or am i just having a spasm attack? :confused:

No, your right. If your logged into MSN and you add someone who is on yahoo messanger then you can talk to them. I have a couple on my list like that.

[email protected] WinkWink

Hey guys - mine is [email protected] if you wanna add me.

Kk, I have the whole shebang!

Add me, especially my Yahoo, I have 4 contacts in that, and one who actually gets on.

Yahoo - jake.rathman
AIM - Rathman2009
MSN - [email protected]

My msn is also my email, feel free to drop me an email also!

MSN - [email protected]

AIM - insectionx

And Yahoo I can't be bothered with haha

Hi,i like to chat. And this can improve my English as well.:biggrin:

yahoo: canond87

msn: if you use windows live messenger, you can add yahoo contacts, providing they use an up to date copy of it. and vice versa.

I stick with yahoo for online, and use msn for in real life people.

I just added a crapload of people, sorry if i missed you!

Me MSN is [email protected], If anyone wants to talk/chat whatever.

Catch Ya

[email protected] if ya fancy a chin wag or bending an ear Rolleyes

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