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What song would you play at your wedding?
Wink It's embarrassing, but I would play "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.

"the boy is mine" by monica



Jason mraz - I wont give up

bet i would not even come close to debs on that.


if the church says so then im gonna hell anyway so might as well start with Slayer - Hell Awaits Smile

Billy Idol - Dancing with myself :X

Stevie Wonder.....AS


JisthenewK Wrote:Wink It's embarrassing, but I would play "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.

I don't think that is embarrasing...it is a sweet song and a great choice IMOConfusedmile:

This ... or a funeral song.... I never marry, maybe after paganem rite .... but I think you need 12 Horses to bring me to my own marriage

O varium fortune lubricum
Dans dubium tribunal iudicum,
Non modicum paras huic premium,
Quem colere tua vult gratia.

Et petere rote sublimia,
Dans dubia tamen, prepostere
De stercore pauperem erigens,
de rhetore consulem eligens.

Edificat Fortuna diruit;
Nunc abdicat quos prius coluit;

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