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"its jsut me"
[URL="http://thefw.com/henrik-rummel-bulge/"]What’s In Olympic Rower Henrik Rummel’s Pants?
Rower Henrik Rummel Have an Erection While Accepting a Bronze Medal?
despite what viewers saw yesterday, American rower Henrik Rummel insists he was not sporting an, um, inappropriate bulge while he and his team accepted the bronze medal. Er, good to know? Rummel even posted a comment on Reddit where he flatly denied that his junk was standing at attention while he posed with teammates Glenn Ochal, Charlie Cole and Scott Gault. “I swear it’s not erect! I don’t know why it ended up in that position but there you go,” he wrote. do people just see what they want to see?[/URL]

[Image: 149786378.jpg]
[Image: Henrik-Rummel.jpg]

lol, now that picture is going to be loaded on to porn sites everywhere Rofl

i just say good for him if its not wood

That is why they make jock straps and cups.....

Guys with show-ers over growers have to be careful how it flops or not.

Wearing such a 'tight' uniform they (the officials in charge of sports) should insist on cups for the gentlemen or a snug jockstrap that holds everything in place. Especially for runners. Excessive bouncing is not only bad for the knees, it can damage other loose parts - ergo women have sports bras that help to hold things in place. Men need something similar.

ahahaha funny but interesting.

oh lord! xD Of course as the picture is on the screen my brother walks in. -.- He thought it was "Olympic-themed porn"! Too funny! :3

Whether it flops or not the man is one sexy piece of work. :B

London2012 now is a greatest game from me, lots of handsome guy there lol

good thing he still has a erection Big Grin no big deal , he is probably like hitler (he used to have a erection every time he had a speach)

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