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Hello from Canada!!
Hi everybody! My name is Cole and I currently reside in Calgary, Canada. I have been a confident gay man ever since I came out 2 years ago. However, in March, I met a guy. I fell in love with him, and I thought he was the one. Unfortunately, he did not feel the same. He played me along into the summer and then dumped me when he felt it was convenient. I was a wreck, and while I had many, many friends who tried to support me, I still felt alone. I am actually from a small town outside of Calgary, so there aren't a lot of gay guys there. I am here to try and meet some gay friends Smile.

I also recently started a blog, which basically reviews things that go on in the straight world through the eyes of a gay man. Whether it is the media, current events, or phenomenon (I have reviewed the current "Fifty Shades of Grey" phenomenon), or even just silly lists (Top 5 Women I would go straight for. haha not going to happen.) It's a good way to get my bent up feelings out. The blog is called ThatGayGuyReviews if you feel like checking it out.

I hope to meet and enjoy talking to many fantastic people Smile


Hi Cole, Welcome! You should enjoy your stop over here. Everybody is friendly . And there are a lot of areas to explore.Enjoy.

Welcome! Wavey

Hey another fellow Canadian!

Hello & Welcome to gayspeak eh? Confusedmile:

Hello and welcome Cole!

Welcome here! It is inevitable to get hurt on your way to true love as a gay. And that doesn't necessarily matter for long. I experienced the similar thing before, and not once. I can feel the sorrow but I also keep in mind the pursuit for ture love! So, cheer up Cole and get your life decorated!

hi and welcome, the blog sounds a great thing to get a gay view onto straight based things m8..

Slim - i really like how you put the romantic quest into words...very nice indeed Xyxthumbs

Hi welcome Cole. Confusedmile:

Hello Cole Welcome

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