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BBC Reporter seized in Gaza
Is it me or has the fact that the British news reporter that has been taken hostage in Gaza received so little news attention.

I'm watching a thing at the minute saying that they are having an "International day of action" to get him released but it seems to of been fogotten seeing as he has been gone a month now!

I know that us Brits have had other people taken hostage but surely he's still a British citizen and deserves the same efforts as all those sailors?!!?

Might just be me tho!

Ed x

Now I'm just curious... why do the British get captured more than anyone else? Is it your not as dumb as the other people or what? I wanna hear about some Russians getting captured... That would be entertaining.

They probably do get captured but they don't shout about it too loudly!!

Anyway, it is what we are best at. We are no longer any good at sport, we've lost our empire, and so we decided to become the worlds best at looking like scared little kittens in the hands of those evil foreigners!!!

Yay, go Britain (Ed stands up and sings the national anthem with a tear in one eye!) :tongue:

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