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All alone
Do you ever feel as if you will never find anyone who will love you in your life? Do you think its really worth to just trust that somewhere someone is made for you and wait for him to come?

To answer the questions directly:

Yes. Often.
Some people do end up never finding a life long love partner, as sad as that is.

No. I do not believe there is one special person made for everyone. I believe there are quite a number of people any one person may be able to have a happy life long relationship with. Finding or stumbling across these people is the hard bit.

As for advice, I can only recommend living life.
That increases the chances of meeting someone considerably.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

sorry you are hurting...
has there been someone you wanted and couldn't get?
did you lose someone close?
are you just tired to waiting for someone?
hope you'll connect with us here on GS!!!!!!! Wavey
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

Sometimes, but I'm at the point in my life that I really don't care if I find another long term partner or not.

I don't think there is one perfect guy for me, or anyone out there. Plenty I could be happy with though, I just don't care to go looking anymore. If it happens again for me it happens, if not single is cool.

Bighug love has a strange way of finding us , when we least expect it.Bighug

I hear you. I do feel like I'll never find anyone. There are so many reasons that pop in my head to convince myself of this, but I'm getting out of that habit. I always hear "if you stop looking than someone will come. " or "they will come when you least expect it." I get so tired of hearing that. It almost sounds like someone will just knock on my door one day or I'll just bump into them one day,not saying either of those can't happen. I do feel discouraged at times, but I feel like If I"m just doing nothing than that's what I will get, nothing. I've decided to always be on the look out, maybe not intentionally going somewhere, but just keep my eyes open. I've had a mentality in the past that things will just fall into place, but I'm learning that that's not always the case. It may be me that has to walk up and introduce myself or me who will take a stab at initiating a conversation/date/etc. If that doesn't, well maybe I'll have to settle for single. But the point I am making is, I think there is truth to waiting patiently (GULP...GOD HELP ME!) but you still need to get up and get out so you could be in position to meet someone.

Well, you won't meet anyone staying home alone, but I think what we mean when we say not to go looking is not to get desperate and take any old John. Don't settle, wait for someone that's right for you and, whom you are right for. Don't go into a bar looking specifically to meet Mr. Right, go to meet new people, make friends maybe and, if the connection happens it happens, but don't be upset when it doesn't, it will someday.

It seems as though there are a lot of us going through some of the same changes. It's as if Spring has sprung and now e are in mid Summer with the need to have someone to share it with. I know I am no authority here. Look at my track record, pushing hard at 60 and still single. And I only have me to blame. I had allowed myself to over run with issues. Making me a real prick of misery.It wasn't till I sat myself down and taking a good look at me. I realized no one would want to hang out with me. I needed a change of attitude. Attitude is everything. My attitude was getting so bad I didn't even want to hang out with myself. Friendly attitude attracts friends. Happy attracts more people than sad. I'll see how it works out If nothing else I like hanging out with me. So we toss our extra baggage back into the closet and get out and start meeting others. Anyway Good luck to ya!!

I am comfortable enough with myself as a person, my direction and my life in general to embrace being single, definately not desperate and dateless, and if other had their way I wouldn't be dateless...and by dateless I mean nothing substantial would come from a date.

If love came my way again, I'm not going to close the door on it though Wink

yes you have to be comfortable alone with your self in order to love someone else. A relationship will not change you as a person. Be the confidant, generous person and boys will want to know you.

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