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What was the best thing about coming out for you?
So I know I've complained a lot on here, but a lot of good has happened for me since I came out. Of course the best thing was I found a really great guy who I truly adore and who loves me back. He has been a tremendous source of strength during everything that has been going on. But another great thing has been how supportive my "true friends" have been during all of this as well. Like they say, "you find out who your friends are."

So what was or has been the best thing about coming out for you?

I think having a really supportive family really helped me, I didn't expect the reactions I got when coming out. And then two years after that I actually made some really good friends who have been around in my life for three years now. Smile So that has helped me alot! Smile

I didn't find it all the beneficial. In fact, I was open about it when I realized it but after a few years of BS (and even a death threat against me and my girlfriend at the time which a deputy told me to take serious) I finally went into the closet and found it made life easier.

Though I'm not deep in, I'm just careful about who I let know. I also worry about how it might affect others I know as well.

I think it's for each person to decide just how they want to put themselves out there dependent on their own traits, sensitivities, circumstances, and what risks (if any, and how acceptable that is) of being a martyr there are (whether it's shunning, financial ruin, or even violence) which can also affect say any kids you have. And I go with what works for me.

I think my coming out was the only way to live my life in the way I would live my life.
Without hiding something. With my bf day AND NIGHT on my side ( I was 16 that time ), With the needed protection and help from family and friends, to separate good and bad familiy members and friends. Live miy life honest and fair.
The best thing was just being myself.....

The best thing was I got fed by hand by a group of New Age Hippie Lesbians that were a little bit older than me when we had our Friday night gay parties in High School...:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

They didn't like straight people very much so once they knew I was gay they became very nurturing (and the food was delicious) We would eat lobster and artichokes and get stoned and lay around and laugh....

The utter relief of not having to live a lie any more.

I guess for me it was just nice knowing other people knew and that, because it's such a stigmatised thing, they didn't reject me for it.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

The best part of coming out, for me, was to realize that I really didn't need to come out, either because everyone already knew, or if they didn't, just didn't care!

That sigh of relief, when it was all over, was a secondary best part Wink

I my self am in the early stages of "coming out" and have quickly learnt this path is not an easy road to travel down.
I take huge comfort and support in the fact that my 3 closest friends know about my sexuality and are completely fine it.
It hasn't changed a thing between us and I'm so grateful for that fact and will always cherish the fact that these 3 people have really todo by me though thick and thin.

This amazing feeling that you're not pretending anymore.

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