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eeek naded prince harry
It was only a matter of time...the royals must LOVE this!!! LOL!

Looks like that a naked prince looks like every other naked guy... but the pictures of a non-prince are much cheaper Wink

Talk about a storm in a teacup - big deal! Rolleyes

it could be a big deal...but we'll never know because he didn't move his bloody hands Smile

Does anyone remember the time when he got caught smoking cannabis some years back?

Some of the headlines said "Harry Pothead" lol.

CCRox Wrote:I have a pick of William's cock and it does appear cut. And nice! Smile

Sorry to burst your bubble but word on the street is no.


To be honest i think its a embarrissment to the royal family for doing this ajnhd even though im not a royalist i know i wouldnt want any member of my family uploaded on the internet bollock naked... I would find it disgusting and shameful on our name... I however must admit wherever this leak comes from the person has gotn guts and i would hate to be in their shoes as the royals i think still have the powers to condemn someone to death! lol

jejeje funny pictures

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