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Funny Videos
This is the best laugh ever! So friggin' adorable Confusedmile: Its impossible to stay upset when hearing this.




The waterbed thing is hilarious, Rainbowmum.... :biggrin:

holly crap:eek:




If we're gonna share SP then here's another of Cartman getting onto his mom for "fucking" him:

Oops, Roy is one of those YT whores who wants as many ratings & comments as possible so won't allow embedding, so here's the full link:

He also tries that with God (which works differently than when he tried it on his mom):

Again for Roy's ego:

And speaking of God, in case I haven't shared this on this thread (I know I've posted this on SOME thread on GS), here's a DT where Clara asks why she wasn't raptured:


ceez Wrote:holly crap:eek:

I want one! :biggrin:

The funniest youtube video I ever saw was made from a fifties sex ed film reel, but the dialogue had been taken out, the text was scrambled, and at the very end, when there's a picture of a uterus draining the menstrual cycle, the first words that weren't in gibberish appeared. They were, "Orange Juice." I almost choked laughing, but I never can find it now...

American news reporter Anderson Cooper getting into a giggling fit on air. Every time I hear this I melt, not only is it hilarious, but his laugh is so cute Confusedmile:


^ Rofl Rofl Rofl

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