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Jordan Addison, Bullied College Student...
I can't post a link (guess I've not posted enough yet for GS to trust me, lol) but if you google "Jordan Addison, Bullied College Student" you'll find a bunch of links to the story and a video clip. Basically a young college student was bullied and his car was vandalized several times. A local body shop (as well as some other local businesses) went to bat for him and completely re-did his car from top to bottom. A really cool story (worth the read) lets you know that there still are very good people out there...

That is a great story Maverick..thanks for sharing it!

Here is a link for you....


i posted a link the other day:
"Is you college on the hate list"

great story,, just a shame that people can hate someone for just been there basically, sends a positive message that people will help you though just through to goodness of there heart

Magnificent story to restore faith in humanity Smile

It's nice to see a business doing something nice for us for a change.

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