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knowing the sex was good when...
how you know the sex is good?:
You start speaking in tongues
toes curl
he cries for his mom
When he proposes to you / he's still there the next morning
I don't get up and shower immediately
when your dick just pops right off
the neighbors wake up
goosebumps all over
When you get up a little early to make him breakfast
He cums no hands
whenever i get pregnant
you ask him his name

how do YOU know?

All he can do is cling to me, shaking and crying.
He says "Thank you Sir/Master."
All I can do is lay there shaking and trying not to cry.
Even though our Dom/sub play is not supposed to be going on today, I find him kneeling on the pillow in the dungeon.
I find him kneeling next to my bed when he was supposed to be going on a vacation.
He says "I miss that." While grabbing my groin two minutes after we just had sex.
He has a collar in his teeth when he kneels at the beginning of dungeon time.
He can't stop staring at me and following my every move even though I told him to keep his eyes on the floor and, he's smiling or smirking (Darned sub knows me too well, he want's that punishment, and it involves sex)
I am late to a play date and, I find him doing his best to rig his own suspension harness.

The sex is good when time stops and you both exist for only the other person. The only thoughts and actions are for your partner. Nothing else matters when you two are alone.

When he is left breathless and speechless lol.

Rainbowmum Wrote:When he is left breathless and speechless lol.

Just make sure that's not asthma and laryngitis! :biggrin:

After 26 years you still look forward to having sex with the same man.

When he's writhing in pure ecstasy underneath me, moaning my name, begging for more, and wanting to know how I make him do that! Wink And when the windows of the car are so steamed up you can't see anything and it's 90+ degrees outside!

Need to add him telling me he can't touch himself without immediately having an orgasm from what I've done to him! Wink

They keep comming back for more and want my loads.

He squirms uncomfortable in his seat at a public location when all I did was brush against him and give him THAT look.

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