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weird transgender question...
Teox Wrote:And here is the latest news on this man. http://tumfweko.com/2012/04/20/man-who-b...from-wife/

In my mind it's a she.

No, he is a he, and certainly never an "it."

This is a LGBT forum with a number of trans members and transphobic statements are not appropriate here.

I am a trangendered male. I have not had a hysto and will not until I have one biological child be it from my own body or through a surrogate. An FTM could I guess could become accidentally pregnant if he has vaginal intercourse even while on hormones. It's very unlikely to get pregnant while on hormones but shit happens. This would be the only possible way.

Also, if pregnancy is being planned you MUST stop taking hormones long enough for the monthly cycle to begin, there's a general time period I can't remember, and cannot go back on hormones until full healed from labor, there's another general time frame but I figure it's about as long as it takes to heal. I suppose if one becomes accidentally pregnant he should stop hormones immediately.

And for the record, just because I don't mind using the parts I got for sex and want to have a biological child and kinda even like the idea of being pregnant this makes me no less a man and to state otherwise is very insensitive and well, incorrect. In fact it wasn't until I was on testosterone that I actually considered the possibility of carrying my own children. Before then I was dead set on adoption or surrogate.

Thanks for the info, Spencer, and um, I didn't think I made any accusation of the sort...I mean, in the comic, my character Iseul later on becomes very conflicted. Part of him wants to get a hysterectomy and all that, but part of him wants to have a child with his boyfriend, Sam. Before he meets Sam, though, he is dead set on not wanting things like family and relationships and that's why he plans on the hysterectomy, but then stuff happens and it's all very complicated as it's still in the planning phase.

I know. I was directing that last bit at people that were perhaps a bit less understanding. :3
Sounds like you've got an interesting story though. Good luck on it!

Rae, I like your idea that before relinquishing all hopes of having a child through natural means, your character should give it a try with the man s/he loves, thus giving them a chance to have what nature intended and not having to have recourse to other means of reproduction. Then he can have the necessary surgery to be a man and not worry about the reproduction cycle or the IVF processes that would be necessary in other instances for a gay couple. I wonder how society considers such children though, and what sort of "crap" such children have to deal with growing up in a not-so-tolerant society?

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