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Neil Armstrong another giant leap
first man on the moon died today
[Image: 20120826-ARMSTRONG-slide-4LZS-hpLarge.jpg]

he did live long enough to see curiosity successfully landed on Mars, I think that was a really good thing. In fact, a lot of advancement has been made since his giant step for mankind. We should be proud!


Well At least he lived long enough to witness his small step turn into a major space venture for humanity. My with all of the space stations, three lunar colonies and our first colonist on the way to Mars, his 'giant leap' really meant something didn't it.

Oh wait, none of that happened. My Bad. The man set the world on the verge of greatness and the damned politicians crushed his and everyone else's dreams keeping space from us.

Today we get the Moon Hoax believers who think that it never happened. Today we have some dim talk of going back...

Terrible reward for an incredible, historic, humanity changing event...

Regards to you Mr. Armstrong, I hope wherever you are you enjoy the view.

Brilliant man , one more step to take,R.I.P.

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