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What turns gay guys on?
Hi, I'm 18 years old, and I wouldn't exactly call myself gay, maybe partially bi. It's confusing, really :p. However I have always checked other guys out, and found some areas of them quite interesting. I was wondering if I was just weird or if these are gay traits? Some hot stuff could include butt, legs, and especially the stomach area. But guys' voice and laugh are quite charming too imo.

What do gay men like in other men? Do you think butts are gross? And how would your ideal physique for a man be?

Lastly, if you see a guy in the streets for example, with the perfect body, or toned and athletic at least; what / how would you think of them?


PS: I don't know if the thought of anal sex grosses me out or pleases me. But I think the fantasy is more pleasing than the actual action.. but idk.

Hey there Hans! Welcome!

So to answer your question, I'll begin by saying that, just as with straight men, what turns a person on comes down to that specific person and their preferences. There's never a cookie cutter person when it comes to attraction and/or sexual appetite, though of course there are some things that are going to be in common with anyone. For example: Straight men are attracted to the female body. Gay men are attracted to the male body. Going any further than that is going to come down to a person's personal desires.

In your case, you are 18, so I dont think there is too much to be concerned about, you still have time to develop a sexual identity if you feel you have to put a label on yourself. Hell, even though for a long time in my youth I knew that I was attracted to men, I didn't have my first experience with another man until I was 22.

Now as far as your question about whether or not the things you are finding "interesting" about other men are considered "gay traits" that is a little more complex. You mentioned a man's butt, legs, and stomach area. This doesn't NECESSARILY constitute gay...if you are a man who works out, for example, its normal, even for a straight guy, to see another man's body and admire the body that he has without being sexually interested. However, only you know whether what your feeling is admiration or if its sexual attraction. When you find those body parts interesting, do you imagine touching those parts of a man? Do you get sexually aroused looking at or thinking about those parts of a man? If your answer is yes, then its possible that you may be experiencing some homosexual feelings (though AGAIN, experiencing homosexual feelings doesn't always mean you are a homosexual). Lots of straight men experience homosexual feelings at some point in their life...maybe towards their best friend, or a mentor, or someone who they connect with on a level that transcends gender.

Either way, feel free to (safely) explore your sexuality. And in all honesty, I dont think that most gay men find a man's butt gross, lol.

We each have our own favorite body parts of features. For me personality comes first. Physically I am more attracted to slender men that have a bit, but not too much chest hair and a happy trail and toned but not bulky muscles, but I will happily date someone who has none of that if I like them as a person.

Simply admiring a fine male physique is not enough to say "Hey I think I'm gay." Getting a hard on while admiring that same physique is a pretty good indicator. Now if you do the same with women, well you might be bi. And if neither arouses you, maybe you are asexual.

Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, it doesn't matter, it's all normal an it's okay to be any of those, or a combination of them. I am gay because I do want a partner, women nor beasts do anything for me as far as turning me on. You might be different and that's fine, it's good to explore your sexuality and question it, never know what you might enjoy if you don't pay attention to what your body and mind likes.

Well, as a matter of fact I experienced that today. I was on my way out of a grocery store to a coffee shop across the street and I was joined at the crosswalk with a handsome guy with one of the hottest butts I have ever seen. He was on the darker side, maybe arabic or hispanic. Hazel eyes. I was frozen when the light changed and watched him walk. His briefs or trunks were showing through his shorts. His legs were slightly hairy and toned. His arms showed that he worked out but not too much. He had neatly trimmed facial hair. Even better, I didn't see a tattoo. To my pleasure he was on his way to the coffee shop too. Long story short, I was at a table nearby "studying" and I must have stole oh...1000 glances at him. He was talking to a friend and was giggling and smiling, another turn on for me. I know I know kind of creepy to watch someone but I was in heaven for that hour and a half. He even got up a few times. Couldn't help but look and I wasn't the only one either. Truthfully, that's the kind of guy I like. Didn't have enough guts to say hello but I hope I see him again. Now with that said, had I met him and he was stuck up or had negative vibes, I would have been turned off. As great looking as they might be, If we can't connect the rest of the body means nothing, okay that's too drastic. The rest of the body means little.

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