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I want to ask you something about laser.
Hello, i have asked few questions about body hair before and now i may have a solution about it. My niece has done the laser treatment and he is preatty straight. When my mom learned about it, she suggested me to do it too. Because she's kinda feel exhausted of my hairs. You can find them anywhere in houseBig Grin This is an amazing oppurtunity for me.
What i wanna ask is; i don't want to be compleately hairless. I just want it to be lesser and shorter. Is this a choice or when you do it do you lose every one of them?

Laser treatment is for removing all hair in the area you specify. If this is only because shedding is an issue in your home, I'd suggest combing or brushing places other than your head. We all shed a few hairs, some of us shed more than others. If there are places you want all of the hair gone, then laser might be a good option.

Okay thank you.

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