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I want to clear up something.
Hello everybody. I'm muslim and i want to talk about my religion. Many people thinks terorists when you talk about Islam. And i don't think this is something that you shouldn't. Because there are people who directly trys to learn about Kur-an. Childrens are reading it. Maybe they do understand it, maybe they don't. But you can't expect much from a uneducated mind. That kind of mind has the most pottential of hurting others. Think about high school jerks. Same logic. If there is someone who is not believing or liking the same stuff with them, they will just beat the crap out of you.
Womans are stoning because they cheated on their husbands. Who are you to kill someone. You didn't give the life of hers and every life is sacred. One idiot (Bin laden) stands up and says ''LETS BLOW THEM UP BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT RİGHT''. Did you saw ''not right''? This is what wrong with these people. They're growing up with same bigoty but this time they can reach weapons. And when they does that, they screams my God's name. They think this is making them correct, or this is what God wants. God didn't create humans to kill each other. I just hate people who takes shelter behind God. God created you, okey. But after the minute you born, everything is in your control. God didn't create anyone gay, straight, jew, muslim, bigot, agressive, kind or supportive. Those are YOUR choice. The way your mind work depends on the events happened to you and your ways to deal with them. You can chose to insult someone or helping them. You can't say God wanted you to do that.
I know i said too much ''God'' and maybe this isn't the place to talk about it. I just want everybody to understand; you can't judge a community by looking someone in there. You can't even judge someone looking to their community! Peoples telling you words from Kur-an. But you have to understand something. Its all about what YOU get. The language is so old and every word has so many meaning now. Some say being gay is a sin. I don't believe any kind of love can be a sin.
I wrote so long and i don't even know what do i want from this. Just don't piss of an idiot with a bomb trigger. And don't believe what they say to you. Hurting someone can never be done for God, it can never be right. At least that what i believe.

Thank you for being open and honest Rumble.

You are right, at least here in the USA, many assume a Muslim is a terrorist, of course they also assume anyone with tan skin or who wears a turban is a terrorist. They are fools, but that is what they think.

Same as assuming the Kur-an teaches you to abuse women. I know that isn't right and while I don't agree with the teaching of the Kur-an, I also don't agree with the teaching of the Bible.

What I do know is that you are a young, insightful gay man with a good heart and, that's what matters, not what faith you follow or where you live. I would NEVER assume anything else about you that you have not posted here and, judging by this post you are definitely NOT a terrorist and never would be. Smile

It just hurts me when people tells you something and you can't respond. In here some says they can't look after their childrens, they can't feed them or they can't send them to school. I know about money issues. But if you make 10 kids while you know you can't give them a bright future you are a selfish İDİOT.
There are schools just teaching you about Kur-an. They want to show them what you believe is good. You can't beat them for teaching something! you can't hurt anyone, you don't have that right, no one has! You should use your brain, not your fists. I hate it when they say ''its what their religion says''. It doesn't! Im muslim too and i dont shoot people because they're different than me!

I hate it when they say ''Its what my religion says''. It doesn't! Im muslim too and i don't shoot people because they're different than me! This is your sick, uncapable personality!

thank you for posting this ,, millions of muslims are peace loving as the rest of religions, the press paint them with the same brush as bin laden ,,totally wrong, im very happy your here on GS

Im happy to explain myself and be belong in somewhere too. thank you all for being open minded.

I'm Christian and I can tell you first hand that the same mentality exists in this religion as well. Yeah sure, currently Christians aren't in the mood to inflict their religious beliefs personally upon people, but history clearly shows the horrors of 'Christianity'. Lets see the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Witch burnings....

The problem is not so much religion as in faith in God/Allah or whatever name you give to the supreme being, the problem is (and perhaps always has been) an elite group of men who have used and abused the faith, twisting whatever holy scripture exists to meet their own narrow minded views.

Religious belief leads to 'doctrines' that leads to holding power over people. That power is held by a few who enjoy that power and care less about the suffering of their fellow man, nor if they serve 'truth' and the spirit of God/Allah (again whatever name you apply to the divine.

Yes, indeed, the Middle East has 'Islamic nations' where the Qur'an is held in high regard and is applied to justify their laws and the way they treat others. Mohammad (blessed be his name) most likely had no intent for his words to be used in the manner that they are today.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Islam was a peaceful religion. They had come quite a long way towards making it peaceful and even humane. Then the Western world came in and decided to make a few changes best suited to serve western needs. Pakistan, Afghanistan - heck any nation that ends in 'stan' is a product of western muddling.

Then came the Wars (WWI and WWII) which brought the need for oil and other resourced. WWII more than WWI. After WWII there was the great divide between the western powers, the Communists and the Democracies. That lead to the middle east becoming a new battle ground for a new kind of war - spy vs spy, espionage, the setting up of false leaders to serve the needs of some super power.

Bin Laden is but one example of that cold war. He was trained to be an operative by the American CIA. Trained, and a lot of promises were made to him then broken.

Bin Laden is not a product of Islam, he is a product of that training and a product of broken promises. His mission Had nothing to do with Islam, it had a lot more to having witnessed first hand the horrors of the cold war. Sure, he used Islam to win warriors to his cause and he abused Islam and the Qur'an to justify his 'war' on the western world.

Where Iran is today is directly because of American Muddling with the Shaw and various other stupid, selfish greedy activities.

Saddam was the poster boy of Cheney and company (The last American president administration) Back in the 1980's. In fact they supported and most likely provoked Saddam to go up against Iran back in the 1980's. Once they were finished with Saddam, Saddam was painted as a 'great evil' and then hunted down and killed like a dog.

Understand that Iraq was a beautiful country, it was rich and plentiful - well that is until the western world stepped in and started ripping it to shreds, then laying the blame at the feet of men that they personally made 'that way'.

Western muddling in a people's way of life, their nations, their basic rights is what has lead to this terrible 'war of terror'. Islam is not the real issue, Islam is not to blame.

Sure, Islam makes for a wonderful scapegoat, especially to the majority of so called 'christians' who are spoon-fed hatred and all manner of evil thoughts from cradle to the grave. Yes Islam has in many cases changed its shape, not because the Word of Islam makes it so, but as a consequence of how the western world muddled, used, abused and divided a once peace loving people.

Anger - they have every right. Anger at being bombed without provocation. Anger at having been used to fight a useless cold war when two superpowers didn't dare go to toe to toe. Anger at having their precious natural resources stolen from them, anger at having some western delegation come in and draw up fake boundaries and assign names like Afghanistan and Pakistan. Anger at having regime changes forced on them.

After 9-11-01 we here in America were bombarded with 'Islamic Terrorists' in the news, every channel on TV, every newspaper, nearly every periodical spread the world.

At the same time that the media was spreading that, the politicians sitting like fat cats in Washington D.C. talked out of the sides of their mouth at the same time. Spreading the fear by saying 'Islamic Terrorist Threat' every so often being punctuated by alert warnings. At the same time they played lip service to 'Oh no not all of Muslims, but beware the Islamic Terrorist Threat!'.

I fear that this is the world that you are in. One ruled by fear and hatred and an incredible lust for power and money. Sadly it is the greed and lust of power of a few that have lead to most of the world's woes. The so called 'elite' have us all in their grasp and use the same tactics and strategies to convince us that we need them.

In truth, we don't need them.

Being the victim of endless hunger is depressing. I just wanna live a normal life and i think something HUGE is about to happen. It already began and i don't know who will say it out loud but it will make even worse. I hope ıt can't reach me or the people i love. No one should suffer but i don't think anybody has the power to stop this. I don't know what to do.

I'm a Theist and I've yet to find a religion that will work with my lifestyle. However, I do not go around judging or poking those that do - It's just wrong and very UnAmerican at the very core.

We are all going to end up in the same place eventually, with each religion saying 'Believe in God so you can go to heaven', so we are all damned to the same place, think about it.

If there are Deities, shouldn't those deities be the ones that you should admire, not the organised religions that pop up around deities?

It is not the existance or non-existance of any deities that cause conflict and wars, it is organised religion that is causing the conflicts and war. Protestant vs Catholic, Islam vs Christian, and seriously do all religions have a different deity or are they all the same deity? Would she/he be happy that we are at war because of him?

Admire your deities, live your life with the best intentions, morals and ethics, do not impede on other peoples basic rights and take organised religion with a grain of salt.

As you all know by now, I am an Agnost and my thoughts of God are 'God is you, God is within you.' and religion has misinterpreted and misrepresented it's deities.

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