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been a while
Sorry guys been busy for the last 2 months but has been a productive 2 months though.

Well to start off I'm gainfully employed and my life seems to be stabilizing a bit, which in turn has given me a new car as well. But now the hard part and yes its church again. This time the Pastor hit on the subject which kind of makes me said that people will be such bigots and not learn from their mistakes in general.

Personally I believe that God loves everyone and knows everything about each of us. So with that said why would God take someone like me for the last 10 plus years. A person that would not except the fact that I was gay (maybe even Longer) go through basic hell and back and then return to hell. So to clear up what I mean is being laid of from a job loose a house loose 3 different vehicles be laid off 2 more times and let go of 2 other jobs.

Then almost 2 years ago excepting who I am and in turn start a part time job have people out of the blue give you money every month to survive, pay for new tiers for your rig and then help replace bearing on that rig, pay for your doctors bill so you can get your bp in control, then getting a good full time job with a new car to replace the rig that you had just found out that had a bad transmition and was driving on it hard for the past month.

So If God knows who I am and basically made my life hell up till I excepted myself for who I am and everything sense then has been nothing but a blessing to me. So how does God hate gays, if he does then why am I being so blessed?

Quote:But now the hard part and yes its church again. This time the Pastor hit on the subject which kind of makes me said that people will be such bigots and not learn from their mistakes in general.

Change your church

That is American theology, most (Unitarian excepted) US churches teach that homosexuality, or at least acting on it, is a sin.

Everyone thinks that our "freedom of religion" means you can be any religion and be accepted socially, not true. You can be any FUNDAMENTAL CHRISTIAN religion and be accepted but not any religion. Pagan, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist are still seen by the majority as ungodly, evil, sinful, in need of saving and, in many areas gays fall under that same umbrella.

Sure this or that church might tolerate a gay in their congregation and not be openly rude or hateful to you but, they don't accept or support you either and, they frown on you even more when you bring a partner to church with you.

A lot of Americans do a really good job at not acting prejudice or homophobic but not nearly so many truly are not prejudice or homophobic.

congratulations on the new job and car.

glad to see you life is better.
you need to put some effort in finding a more gay affirming church.

In truth God hates very little in His Creation. All of that anger and wrath most likely was a primitive people hitting on the notion that God told them to kill - justify their thirst for blood.

The bible on many subjects has been poorly transcribed and badly interpreted. On the gay subject, those parts used to demonstrate that God hates Fags are really poor interpretations with the terrible habit of taking a single sentence and then pounding it to mean something else. EXAMPLE: Leviticus was not condemning homosexuality, it was condemning a whole list of things that are part of Moloch Worship. Two men in love, not the problem. A man 'sacrificing' himself for money to appease a false god - Big problem.

We lost the facts, we lost the historical reality that temple prostitution to false idols was taking place. That lost data was purposefully held back in order to help those make these wild claims.

People hate people. All of the hate and violence that religious people do 'justified' by their sacred text is them being them and them twisting and turning religion in to a weapon.

In all honesty, you need to move to a new Church where the Spirit of God and Christ reside, and get away fro the pharisees and the den of vipers.

http://www.gaychurch.org/find_a_church/f...church.htm is the link to find one.

Hey, Welcome back - missed you.

Beacuse you took action, by taking responsibility and doing something about the situation, nothing to do with a powerfull being.

glad to see you are back, and congratulations on your new job and car. I do agree that it would be best if you found another church.

Welcome back Bighug.
Congrats on the new job and carXyxthumbs

Thanks all always good to hear from you all.

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