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Support Gayspeak
Hey guys,

I know Andy is too proud to ask for help, but I love Gayspeak and in the year and half I have been here I have done my share of helping Andy out with cash donations.

Some of you may have noticed that Gayspeak was offline for a while today. Andy needs a faster and better server with more memory for caching all of our contributions to Gayspeak.

It is coming into September and we have collectively donated $110 of the goal of $500...22% of the target has been reached and we are almost 75% of the way through the year.

Downtime on any website is a critical matter, but I consider Gayspeak to be a critical site. Think about it, if some kids is desperate for help and comes across a website that has crashed, are they going to wait a couple of hours for the site to come back up?

We all need to not only help Andy out, but help ourselves out by building a better server for our website so we can be there 24/7 for those that need us.

PLEASE click that 'DONATE' button, upto and beyond the goal of $500...every little dollar will be a huge step towards each of our goals.

I'm sorry that I can't at the moment - as soon as I can, I will.

The very l;east I can do is bump this thread. :redface:

We need a way for those that do not use credit cards or online payment services to donate - like where to mail a check or money order. Though for Andy, I'd suggest a post box that was not at his home, just for security and personal safety reasons.

For an advertisement filled site, If I donated would I get an advert free site?

I would really like to donate but i don't have moneySad and i dont think i can explain to my parents about itSad sorry.

I also help out every year , but have no problems adding to it.

For those who do not want to pay with a credit card , you can get a prepaid card to shop with online from most banks.

I have one set up for my sister and her genealogy hobby, we just top it when we need to.
it is safe ,secure and when you run out of money , you top it up.

I also donated already this year but I will again in a few minutes... but I have to say I am not really happy with this being the new Log Cabin and Sexist gay site and if that is gonna be the new vibe I will not really want to contribute much to the conversation...both things are a huge turn off and something I avoid as anti-gay gay people are not my cup of tea....but that is not Andy's fault. I appreciate all the work Andy has done and he has made this a great site...and really one of a kind for gay people as there is a lack of vulgarity and sex crap you find at most of the gay sites.

Edit...done...I made another donation. I guess it takes awhile to appear...hopefully your post will get some more donations Daz.

Okay RockerBlocks and mine payment is in.

Andy if you still fall short let us know please.

Great idea monk.


With my new job I will happily donate before the year is out. I just need to settle my essentials. I do love the site and will gladly contribute to it. I mean; I would be lost without it---

Bumpbety bump Bump

please keep bumping this to the top.

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