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Soo I made an account a while ago, but never pursued anything. I recently came to terms with my sexuality, and have been telling very few people so far. I guess I am looking for more support, etc. because I still feel pretty conflicted inside. I'd be down to chat with anyone willing!

And yes, I am Jewish!

Welcome to the forum

Hi welcome to the forum you will find a lot of surport here. Confusedmile

welcome 2 the forum ..Im new too. Hope as time Passes life becomes easier for you ..its hard for us all ..It gets easier..XOXO..hybrid

Hi and Welcome Confusedmile:

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome!

I am in your same boat as far as being conflicted. I coming to terms with my sexuality also. Hope to chat with you soon. The support is wonderful here and the discussions are insightful.

Hey Jewstrike, welcome.

Chat, PM forum conversation, whatever, just jump in. We won't bite - unless you like that of course Tongue

I'm new too, both to this forum, and, well, to accepting The Way Things Are. Maybe soon I'll get my courage up to change my profile, but I'm at that precipice, where it's still so hard to say who/what I am. Maybe w/the courage of people here, I'll feel it. As will you! 8^)

G Day and welcome to Gayspeak Smile

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