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hello new guy here
hey everyone, i'm 24 years old and am a full time student. I like to hangout with my friends, watch movies, go swimming but summer is going away soon.. I also like to help people if i can, thats why i'm going for human services, I love that feeling of helping someone, it always makes me feel good inside. But im smart enough to know when i'm being used.. Its hard trying to be helping people, sometimes i feel likee i can't even help myself, but those are my rough days. well if you like to know anythng else feel free to ask.

So glad ur on here! Keep up the Good Karma! Even if people use your kindness for bad...just know fate Is all seeing..And when ur good hearted and do for others Life will bless you in some way!..greetings from clovis california!! xoxo

welcome to gay speak

Welcome Lorsive,

I know what you mean about helping people, some want to take advantage of you and others simply don't want to be helped. As for helping ourselves, that always seems a lot harder than helping others.

Hello Lorsive, Welcome to the forum

Hi welcome to Gayspeak. Confusedmile:

Hello and welcome , make yourself at home.WaveyWelcome

Hey there lorsive!
Nice to meet ya! Enjoy your stay on gayspeak. Everyone here is very cool and very supportive. You'll fit right in!

Welcome Wink

G Day and welcome to Gayspeak Wink

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