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what does the syaing "Its so gay" mean
How negative does the statement "Its so gay" statement mean to you?
[Image: s-ANTI-GAY-BULLYING-large.jpg]

I don't know where that use comes from, all I know is that it presents being gay in a negative light. Which I don't think is very productive. Sad

I should mention, that's a very small sample size to draw a solid conclusion from.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Here in the USA, saying "That's so gay." Is the same as saying "That's so stupid, lame, retarded, etc..." I hate it, but that's what it means here.

I find it interesting when gay people say, "That's so gay"

Here it's just a phrase that caught on, like "That's lame" "So not cool." "How retarded." and many others over the decades. People just say it not really thinking about it as a slur against gay men any more than they thing of calling something retarded as a slur against retarded people.

My teen daughter explained that the reason for the shift in this saying is to promote the need for less social focus on and increased tolerance of same sex relations in shifting the connotation of the use of the word gay in the expression toward the very connotation it was actually begun for. She says "It's hyperbole Dad, it works for us young people so you'll just have to deal with it as you are getting older. Sorry."

My reply was, "What a smart assed chip off the OLD block!" Wavey
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thats so gay Wink

I think of it as ignorance which is not necessarily a bad thing until you have been informed that it is offensive..if you decide to continue using the term knowing it is offensive it becomes WILLFUL ignorance which is another thing entirely...

I have gone round and round trying to explain this phenomenon to people who say "Someone Jewed me down on a price".....I will initially consider that they may be ignorant to the insult they are using and when I point it out...if I hear them say it again then my opinion of who they are lessens as does my respect for them.

CCRox Wrote:My teen daughter ... She says "It's hyperbole Dad, it works for us young people so you'll just have to deal with it
I was thinking how the slang worked with lgbt people her age.

It is offensive anyways.

We are so GAY is an expression used since the beginning of the last century to indicate HAPPY, Bette Davis used it a lot in their dialogues. Nowadays, is used to indicate something relate to the preconceptions of the GAY culture

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