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homosexual man or fagggg
i thought about not...
[Image: wrong.jpg]

Ah yes to flame or not, that is the question.

I can ignore the flaming faggot sort (not meant to be derogatory) but, I wouldn't date one, hook up maybe, if I were in the mood to do that, but not date.

There is a big difference between say doing a drag karaoke show, or flaunting it at a gay event and walking down the streets of everyday, small town USA looking like the lead float in a gay pride parade.

Sure, I'm gay and, I'm not going to hide it, but I'm not going to hide that I like to hunt, fish, cook, drive, go to horror movies, and play video games either. There is a place for going all out, screaming "I'm gay and proud of it." and a place for "Well, since you asked, yes, I do happen to be gay."

Well I guess there may be a wee bit of truth there. Or maybe a lot of truth and I'm just too much of a prude to feel comfortable with throwing the word aroundWink.

But, that little picture does sum up a lot of my feelings about homosexuals and how I view certain types. Yes I know, I'm a self hating homosexual because I take issue with parts of the LGBT community.

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

I think it is fine to be loud about you sexuality. Fuk there are enough heteros who are male and females. TBH I'v heard enough hetero sex stories from some people that I know. You can't just say that faggots flaunt their sexuality cos it's not just gays that do it. Lots of people in general just flaunt their sexuality.

I know a lot of people who'd class all of us under the latter.

The homophobes i tend to encounter think even the the most tame homosexual is throwing their sexuality in everyone's face because they have relationships with people of the same sex and are not ashamed.
They'd rather we all disappear and that they never need acknowledge our existence.

While it may seem like a good idea to separate ourselves from the annoying gay guys we don't like and place them under the heading "faggot", truth is, most people who are annoyed by homosexuals, are annoyed by all of them, not just the loud and proud ones. and you'd very likely find yourself grouped with them anyway.

As soon as you complain about something that's linked to your orientation, you could get accused of having a victim complex.
As soon as you tell someone who asks about your relationship status that you're in a relationship with another guy/gall, it's possible you'll be considered throwing your sexuality in their face.
And heck, i define my self as "gay" when it comes to my orientation, and this leads people to assume my life revolves around such.
All of these things have happened to me in some form; in these peoples' books i'd fall squarely under "faggot".

We shouldn't create a sub-group of homosexuals that any homophone can just place us into to rule the person and their views and opinions as insignificant.

Perhaps i'm just thinking about this too politically/socially...
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Always so much resentment projected at the effeminate gay men, when it was the queens and transvestites that first organized and made actual progress for gay rights. We'd all still be living in fear from the police without those queens.

OrphanPip Wrote:Always so much resentment projected at the effeminate gay men, when it was the queens and transvestites that first organized and made actual progress for gay rights. We'd all still be living in fear from the police without those queens.

I am glad you said it this time. We all owe them alot.

BTW...a "Faggot" to me is someone like Ted Haggard or Larry Craig who is gay and spend their time preaching against and discriminating against other gay people.

I have no problem with effeminate gay men, hell I am one, where I have a problem is when they deliberately flaunt it in an inappropriate situation.

This walking down small conservative town main street - no problem.
[Image: 3308689640_585e2c4ae4_o.jpg]

This walking down that same street - PROBLEM.
[Image: Manchester+Pride+Parade+-+007.jpg]

In my experience, being gay is not the issue with most homophobic people when you actually get them to sit down and talk about it with them. It ins't the fact that you are gay they fear, it's that you might push it on them, or they way you present yourself will make their children want to be gay, or that getting too close to you when you are being overly effeminate will somehow wear off on them.

Okay we know i'ts all a load of crap, but we still have to live in the real world and flaunting it inappropriately is not doing any of us any good. Sure, gay pride event and I'll be the first one out there prancing around in rainbows with "Proud to be GAY" either on a sign or painted on my body if it's warm enough to go without a shirt but take me home, and I'm going to throw on shorts or jeans and a tank or sweater, depending on the weather, before going into town.

Sure I'm either naturally, moderately camp, or I've done it so long I forgot how to be any other way but, that ins't flaunting, that's just me being me. The conservative fundamentalist around here, call me by my given name or, "Sir", as it should be in a southern town. Yes if they have guests form out of town with them, they probably will inform their guests that I'm one of the local gays but, that is usually followed by some version of "he's okay though, he doesn't push it at you."

Bingo!- a little common sense and decorum on my part = acceptance on their part.

I hear Saudi Arabia has a similar problem. There are women who try to get accepted and they've made a few gains (I hear they may even be able to vote soon!) but some women will brave the violence to actually walk down the street with her face exposed or even drive a car! It's a scandal.

Maybe someone should do another pic of "woman" vs. "bitch."

As a Homosexual, I prefer other Homosexuals. The make-up thing isn't my scene.

I wear Polo Shirts and proud of it!

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