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Agree with you Gossamer, but it was just a thought, IF he does those things, it might not help that he's doing them.... which is why I suggested telling his doctor, who maybe, can do something for him.
Another thing that doesn't help concentration is when you are insufficiently rested and need sleep...



Tai Chi
omega 3

Rosemary + Water in a fragance lamp if you need concentration

Honestly, unless you have a serious drug or alcohol problem, occasional, social use of either does not have any lasting effect, or any effect at all on ADHD unless it interacts badly with any medication you may be taking.

I know it's so easy to say "Oh you're having memory and focus issues, it must be because you drink a lot of alcohol or, take a lot of drugs, or you used to do that." but that simply isn't the case. Most of us don't do much of that, either because we take prescription medication that would cause adverse reactions if we did or, because we know we already have issued staying focused, staying in the moment and, remembering things and, had no desire to exacerbate any of that.

Of course, if you haven't discussed it with your doctor, and you do go to doctors, seeing a doctor is a good idea.

If you choose not to see medical professionals for personal or religious reasons, that is your choice, as is making the choice I did, mainstream medicine only when natural, holistic means do not offer any suitable treatment (like with me needing insulin for my diabetes). While I am ADHD and, have depression and anxiety issues stemming form child abuse in my youth as well as dyslexia, I chose to deal with all but the diabetes without mainstream medical intervention.

GossamerMoon Wrote:I rely on Post-It notes and my Droid to yell at me to go places. ;-)

What Blue said about Ginko... I'm not up to date on all of those, but I will say to make sure if you try natural supplements, do research to make sure you -- the train of thought jumped the tracks... resetting... okay--... to make sure there are no interactions with anything you might be taking, or with an existing health issues. For example, there are herbs I don't use (Echinacea) because they're not good if you have autoimmune disorders. It's a minefield. [Ooh, I haven't played Minesweeper in a long time; wonder if I can still kick ass at it.]

There are ways to cope, but it takes time and effort. And not all meds work. I tried most of them, and they had different side effects, all dramatic.

By the way, on a technical note: ADD has been reclassified as ADHD, Inattentive Type. I guess that's because your mind can be hyper w/out your body being such?

lol, I almost zoned out at Echinacea, usually when I see something I don't know about I'll google it in the middle of reading and end up spending 20 minutes reading about it. and I'm not a druggy you guysRolleyes (I couldn't help but laugh at that), I do drink on special occasions but my last drink was almost 4 months ago(moonshine and ice cream:biggrin: ) and I exercise regularly. I'll keep doing research on natural stuff before I buy something and I never really thought to ask my doctor about it because I didn't want to get put on the hardcore stuff. fenris I will search the links after work today, you always provide good infoWink

Since you have a doctor, it is a good idea to talk with him. you are the patient and, it is your choice to accept the medication he recommends or not but, even if you refuse treatment, it is good to know the cause, and that it is or is not in fact a real medical condition. Once you are sure of what it is causing the issues, you can make informed, educated decisions about how you wish to deal with the condition and.or it's symptoms.

Ceez , I really think you need to tell your doctor about this.
In the mean time , take the time to evaluate yourself , are you too tired , hungry , thirsty .....
All of that can make you lose your concentration .

thanks everyone, I usually am tired for most of the day even though I get my 8 hours of sleep. I do wake up while sleeping some times, and does what time I go to sleep matter if I still get my 8 hours? I will talk to my doctor about it my next visit but for now I'm going to try some meditation.

Yes it does matter, you will feel more rested if you go to sleep and, wake at as close as possible to the same times each day. That's because of our Circadian Rhythm, a sort of internal clock that controls all sorts of things like hormone release, body temperature, when you feel alert or groggy and more.

Here is an brief overview, explaining the basics.

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