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Presidential Candidate Quiz Thingy
[Image: 69873012.jpg]

Meh, I don't think democrats actually go far enough on most issues. I think the quiz doesn't really adequately assess how I think issues should be resolved, but what can you do.

Meh, I don't think democrats actually go far enough on most issues.

They don't...which is why I am not a Democrat...I am an Independent Liberal but if you had a gun to my head and made me choose a party...it would be Green or Democratic Socialist...

The problem and the truth is that most of the politicians who are in power that are Liberal are Democrats and for the handful of Democrats who are ACTUALLY Liberals...I am grateful.

Republicans often call every Democrat a Liberal LOLOL...

Vote me for president!
not them...
Or maybe you could vote me to be your Sultan Big Grin

[Image: 70271481.jpg]

Obama 86%
Jill Stein 82%
Rocky Anderson 55%
Romney 28%
Ron Paul 12%

Democratic 89%
Green 73%
Libertarian 11%
Republican 6%

I couldn't link to the handy-dandy image because I don't have enough posts. :frown:

Candidates you side with...

Gary Johnson on domestic policy, social, foreign policy, economic, healthcare, and science issues

[I think this must be because of my strong support of drug legalization, and considering the legal use of medical marijuana extremely important, with a few Libertarian principles thrown in]

Jill Stein on foreign policy, domestic policy, social, science, healthcare, environmental, and immigration issues

[I'm not that familiar with her, but I'm guessing this is from my support of organic farming and reforming the way we as a society live on the land and the types of energy we use.]

Ron Paul on domestic policy, foreign policy, economic, and healthcare issues

[NOTE: on the question of what I thought on Obamacare I voted I was opposed and we should instead adopt universal health care, and that isn't a Ron Paul position...and I also suspect they mistook my choosing "reform" on things like medicare as "severely restrict" as the Republicans tend to mean it which wasn't what I meant at all]

Barack Obama on social, science, foreign policy, and environmental issues

[NOTE: There's a HUGE difference between Obama's rhetoric and actions and I suspect this test must be going by his rhetoric, and thus why I'm confused on why they say I side the most when I'm very much opposed to many of the things he's done.]

Mitt Romney on economic issues

[NOTE: I have my doubts...perhaps this is more reflecting on that I don't think the government can effectively manage the economy anywhere as much as it claims it can and thus don't care that much about economic policies. I'd actually be inclined to the radical notions of Hayek if there was just some way to overcome the inherent problems of crony capitalism, though the way I see it crony capitalism is just a fact of life that must be accepted no matter what system is in place, even Communism isn't immune to it, and as ancient sayings go, "Those with the gold make the rules," and "laws are for the protection of the wealthy and the burden of the poor."]

California Voters on domestic policy, foreign policy, social, science, healthcare, environmental, and immigration issues.

[OK, maybe my family was right about California affecting my beliefs, though even so my family has some really weird ideas about what I believe!]

American Voters on domestic policy, foreign policy, social, science, healthcare, and environmental issues.

[That's nice to hear, but I just can't believe that]

Who you side with by party...

90% Democratic

[*SNORT* Ok, maybe somewhat in rhetoric, but at least in action the Democrat Party is too right wing for me]

84% Green

73% Libertarian

18% Republican

[I suppose if I MUST accept a label in terms of US politics then I'd be Green Libertarian, but I stopped having any faith in the Libertarian Party in the USA years ago and just totally gave up on them after they "drafted" Bob Barr as their choice of POTUS in 2008 (I'd vote for Obama or even Bush for a 3rd term before Barr!), though I'm glad many registered Libertarians howled over that choice forcing the LP and Bob Barr both to do some serious damage control. That said, if the US had the badly needed voting reform of instant runoff voting then I'd vote for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein before Obama, but unfortunately our voting system totally sucks and forces us to either choose the lesser evil or "throw your vote away" and I frankly understand why many choose to not even bother anymore with it)]

After filling it out, All I got was:

7 little pictures (all the candidates I'm guessing) and...
we are now matching your answers
to the candidates...

it never showed anything more, even if I allowed the site to run scripts
(was gonna post a screen-cap pic here...but I guess you can't attach files anymore?? )

most issues that are political; any one individual could resolve in 10minuites. Its the process dude.

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