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From a Facebook group I *was* a part of...

Quote:Jordan Blackard
LMAO you can definately tell we are all homofobes....which is ok cuz I hate faggots. haha

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Clayton Minkler I just don't agree with that wick dipping in the wrong ink well.
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Jordan Blackard LMAO.

Aj Barker actually i'm al for gay people, wish more dudes were, cause then maybe my luck with women would be halfway decent
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Levi Homer wow thats just pathetic aj

Sean Hayward Lmao....I dont mind gays, just flamers and complete faggots.

Aj Barker i am to women as off is to mosquitoes

Levi Homer bahahahaha lmao mayeb you should shave
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Sean Hayward So, womendont attract you Aj? lol Or you women aint attracted to you? lol

Aj Barker women seem to be repelled by me, with or without mustache
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Aj Barker though i love pussy, it just doesnt seem to like me haha
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Sean Hayward Sux to be you

Levi Homer hey aj i have a cat do you wanna borrow her?
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Aj Barker no i'm good

Levi Homer o ok

Spencer Hagemeier People should get a medal for being a homophobe

That last comment would have cost the guy a few teeth in person. Ignorance like that really F!@#%$ing irritates me.

and this is why I stay away from facebook Wink

Same for me, I don't do FB, Twitter, Tagged or any of the other "social networks".

Wow. just wow.

People like this make me appreciate the more open minded, intelligent, secure and mature people that surround us and support us Wink

As long as they don't have to vote on any related issue.... hmmmm? Rolleyes

What I hate are those who come to OUR places on the net to spew their hatred. Heck, even those who just want to tell us about Jesus are annoying as hell (why can't they keep their kool aid to themselves?) though they're very rare, most come to tell us off and/or say we're going to Hell and they often don't shy away from profanity and their contempt is often palpable. Sometimes a YT vid person will delete those comments and there are sometimes just entire strings of deleted messages. I know what kind they delete as I caught one just before the YT person deleted it that said, "To hell you all will go" (and this was on a TiBette vid, that is a fanvid made to celebrate the lesbian love between Tina & Bette on The L Word).

In the past I foolishly tried reminding them of the Golden Rule, I asked why they came to our vids, but I never got an answer even remotely sane from them, and I know they aren't trolls because when I check their channels they have a bunch of Christian vids, including comments supporting of it (I catch a few trolls, however, they're typically more into violent video games but even at their "finest" they can't provoke like a sincere fundie Christian or Muslim). A lot of times I won't even look at the comments anymore as I don't want to ruin the experience with what I call the "Westboro Peanut Gallery." That's supposed to be our safe place but they violate it over and over again, and they actually see themselves as being morally superior for it. :vomit:

And the really sad thing is that most of those vids actually have more ads aimed at Christians and Muslims than lesbians which says that the former are visiting more than the latter! (One lesbian vid I like has advertised for Christian dating over a hundred times in the last year and I can only recall twice that it was for lesbian dating instead, and I believe that one also featured Muslim dating once or twice as well.) And given that when I go to other vids that aren't the least bit gay-oriented the number of ads targeting fundies drops by a lot I know it's because the lesbian vids I like are so attractive to the hateful fundies than it is to their intended targets. (Ok, atheist vids get hit even harder, I think...)

But we live in a Christian society so we're brainwashed to say "they're only a small minority" and overlook everything they do and be more critical of ourselves because they have the right to be assholes but we've got to toe the line and be careful not to hurt their feelings or make them feel uncomfortable or like their bigotry is in any way unjustified or unacceptable. Well that brainwashing didn't take with me. Luckily, unlike the MAJORITY of Christians (proof? Look at antigay amendments that pass with a majority vote, and I can list other reasons), I DO follow the Golden Rule somewhat (at least until someone proves unworthy of that respect) so I don't respond by going to religious-theme vids and posting my shit stains on their vids ("you've tried Jesus in your hearts, now try a dick up your ass" on a Christian singer vid, for example, that would be acting like many Christians act toward us) they way they do ours as I know they're not all guilty of that. Even as I get really angry at their constant drivel, contempt, and profanity at us, I'd still feel ashamed to act as they do, which just goes to show Jesus ain't worth a damn for making someone a kinder person.

Though it might be funny to me if their Christian and Muslim theme vids got as many gay & lesbian dating ads as ours get for Christian dating. :tongue:

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