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Vulcan Pick-up Lines
Just for fun... 8^)

It would be illogical not to go out with me.

I am the best, bar pon. -- or "parr fon"
(Okay, that's stretching it. LOL)

Credit: Okay, I saw a little ad for a FB page with that title. The page was underwhelming. We can do better!

I am not "Trekky" enough to think of such things, Gossamer... sorry.

It would be illogical for me to store a tropical Terran
fruit in my trousers, therefore it is logical for you to assume that I wish to meld with you.

I calculate that a 97.465% probability that it would be mutually beneficial for us to induce orgasm in each other. Shall we seek experimental confirmation?

As a skilled astrogator, I would need no computer assistance to find the way to Uranus.

Spades, that's a good one... lol....

Based on the last crew evaluations, I calculate that there is a 95.9743 probability that you and are would be compatible mates. It is logical for us to mate as I am certain your results will be identical to mine.

Blue, being too much alike is akin to incest, is it not?

Blue and PrinceAlbert... :Confusednort!:: :biggrin:

Good thing I didn't have soda in my mouth... Carbonated snorts. Ew.
(I'm likin' this place!)

While I do not indulge in aesthetical considerations, copious data compiled from the observation of reactions of other species indicate that your clothing would prove more appealing were it strewn on the floor of my sleeping quarters.

www.confused.com .... thats me could be worse could be

GO COMPARE but hey thats another story

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