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Is it enough or do I need more?
Ok, I had posted a blog on my myspace page awhile back explaining what I am looking for in a man and every time someone asks me what I look for in a man I direct them to that page. Yet, I am still getting people asking me what else I am looking for in a man... So I ask you, the masses who matter, am I missing something or was I clear enough when I wrote this.

What I look for in a man.

I'm speechless. That is amazing! I don't think there is anything you have to or need to add to that. It is probably the best summing up of something I have ever seen.

I would suggest that the people who msg you asking for more information simply can't be bothered to read the whole thing...which isn't the best indication of the kind of person that they are.

Keep it as it is...v good!!

Ed x

Whoooeeeee! I get the picture! I'll be sure never to ask you that question! Huh, are you under the impression that I'm yelling!?!??!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!


Straight forward enough and to the point.
can't see how they can't understand what you're saying.

You need to summarize! :tongue: People are too lazy to ready all this they will just see the pictures. Now you'll tell me if someone is interested will read it anyway which is right.

Got to say though what you write there is just the basic things one should have. Amusing how one has even to state the obvious huh! C'est la vie

So what are you looking for in man guy ? hehehe

I'm to tired to think... WHA? :biggrin:

A redbull gives you wings! dont get addicted to it though Happy
WHA as in?? Rolleyes

Hehehe.. I dont have any redbull's here at the house so I'm drinking Dr Pepper... WHA as in - What?


Never had Dr. Pepper i think is a bit bitter? Too bad for my low blood pressure , will make me faint :redface:

Crap.. walked outside to smoke a cigarette and ther might be a tornado heading my way.. The clouds are almost pitch black.. The weather channel is stating 3 tornado warnings... Meaning some are on the ground.

I'm awake now. I might have to get all my animals to safety soon.

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