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Movies - a couple good ones
A couple of my favorite movies that I have watched recently (by recently I mean almost a year ago!) are called Burnt Money (Spanish) and Three Dancing Slaves (French) - if you don't like subtitles and don't speak the language, you might not enjoy it as much but they are beautiful films and it helps that the guys are hot and, shall I say, "showy" Rolleyes. Has anyone else seen them?


So I'm replying to my own post - sad? Anywho, I just realized that I put this under the wrong category since there is a section for movies - but films are art too!

Peace - A

Yeah ...you know you're sad when you start talking to yourself Roflmao

Back to the topic: no i havent seen any of those films you mention. I want to see The Perfume and got to go to the center of the city because none of the local cinemas do it. Figure out about those foreign ones...

aint seen or heard of any of the ones u mention but i really want to go see curse of the golden flowers soon. it a chinese action movie a bit like crouching tiger! Smile

I have to wait till I start my job before I get to go see any movies.

And no I haven't seen anything that was mentioned on this forum.

haven't seen them, sorry.

i have seen "curse of the golden flower" and it was quite good.

a couple of more recent good ones i can suggest? "the fountain" (best recent film) and "hard candy"

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