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For Your Consideration
Background: I wrote this not too long after I came out and while backup-dancing for a Drag Queen - I never finished it at the time but have revisited it and polished it some.


Twisting and churning
This Old World is
With bustle
And hustle
Of people playing
As you like it,

Though some won't.

Mine within are
Men! and some
Impersonate ones who menstruate
And make this
World spin,
Most can never tell
The tuck-ups, cover-ups
From fuck-ups,

Remember beauty is from within.

How do you formulate a fruitcake -
Two parts femme and one part skim?
A recipe for mortality
Said to one
And all staring
Straight at your face
Full of...

sometimes bottom.

Erratic and erotic
Logic leaks
From holes in the
System where

Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll!

Rule but can't hide from
Ideologies of opposites,
Attracting the drama including the dogma of
This life is great!

Take a step back! And watch out!
There's more in store but
Excusing no whore - R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

My individual and yours.


i like! Smile wot kind of dance did u do wiv the drag queen? Smile

i LOVE this. very inspiring style of writing! =D

Very nice Wink

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