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Pink's attack on Bush banned from radio stations
[img2=left]http://www.gayspeak.com/forum/images/news/pink1.jpg[/img2]Singer Pink has spoken on American TV about her new song Dear Mr President, which has been unofficially banned from radio stations across the US.

Appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Pink said that the song, which attacks President Bush for his stance on gay rights and other policies, cannot even be discussed on air in many radio stations.

Pink, 27, thanked the talk show host for being not afraid to let her perform Dear Mr President, and claimed it was one of her most intelligent lyrical accomplishments.

"These are my questions, they're not theoretical. I think they're questions that a lot of people have and we could probably use some answers," she told Kimmel, according to contactmusic.com

The lyrics to her musical letter to the President include the lines:

"What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?
"And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?
"I can only imagine what the first lady has to say.
"You've come a long way from whisky and cocaine."

The last line is a reference to the President's drug and alcohol abuse as a younger man, before he became a born-again Christian.

The unofficial ban allegedly in place against Pink is reminiscent of the boycott the Dixie Chicks suffered after they expressed their opposition to the Iraq war.
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

Naturally I had to hear this song! All I have to say is wow - love it. I like Pink, although don't really listen to her genre of music; but the song was not what I expected and quite pleasantly surprising! It's slow harmonic sound really drew me in and allowed me to focus on the lyrics, which were quite smart and the tone in her voice as she sang them felt very intense with feeling, it felt like getting to know someone on a deep personal level. Wonderful, wonderful. I recommend giving the song a listen, even for those who aren't politically inclined, the musicianship allows for appreciation on its own.

Absolutely love the girl! Thanks for telling me about this song, havent heard it. I found it on youtube. I thought it would be more rock but its cool the way it is.

Good to see she not afraid to tell off that jerk, someone got to do it Cool

OK, I have been trying to download the song all day with no luck. I finally read more on the article and saw you posted a link to youtube.com where I can watch it. Astrosmiley2
I just watched the video and I was floored... She did an awesome job. I loved it. I have always loved Pink and now I love her even more. Then afterwards I decided to see what people were saying about it and I got as far as the first 3 comments (made by the same person) and I had to reply to those. So i did... Cool
Anyways, awesome video and song.. I give it Two Thumbs way up.

OK, Here's and update on the comment I left on youtube about the video..
It started with this;

She cant tell you about hardwork. She sits in her fancy places with her designer clothes and decides to insult a man who works hard for what he has? That isnt right at all. He works hard and he isnt just responsible for the war, the goverment is too. Yes, it is time to bring the troops home. But, you don't have to be rude about,. Come on guys, you couldnt do any better!

So I replied with this;

First off, I would like to say WOW, awesome video and song.
Next I would like to say Yes smileyredhead you are right. Its not all Bush's fault, but Pink does know what hard work is. She wasent born with her job, she had to work for it. Before she became a singer, she had to have a job somewhere. Bush on the other hand was born like that. Hell, his mother prolly never changed his diaper (no she prolly did). I'm just saying that Pink does know what hard work is and if Bush or anyone else has a problem with this video then think of this. Here in America, she has her right, just like everyone else, to Freedom of speech. Like she said at the begging of the video, those are HER Political Facts and Questions.

Then I just went back and was reading the posts and I found this;

Udabar - i love america, but americans like you are what cause any problem with ur country, listen to urself "Here in America, she has her right, just like everyone else, to Freedom of speech" u dont need to be american to say what u want, ur guys are so caught up in ur freedom to speach, its like that in most places too, u'v fukd up a gr8 country !

I replied with;

Good.. cuz I hate America and everything it stands for anyways, but while I'm living here in this messed up country then I might as well us my rights for something. And if I have to talk shit to the presidents face I will, but he fucking sucks and I applaud pink for this song.

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