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Still awake and BORED!!
OK, I have been awake for over 24 hours and I have nothing to look at online. I have to stay awake to get on a schedule for my new job. I will have to wake up at 6am in order to be dressed, have eaten and looking good everyday to go to work. So I have to get used to getting up at 6am everyday and I shall do so by staying awake all day today and going to bed at a decent time. Hey, it's worked before, It will work again.. but I think I might need to get more cigarettes... crap! *starts shaking* Oh yeah, and some more Dr. Pepper... Lord someone shoot me now.

Do you have any suggestions how we can entertain you?!!?

Lets play Monopoly... or with me... Asthanos Opps.. that slipped out. :tongue: :tongue:

Getting back to sain stuff! What is the new job that you are preparing for?

I will be dealing and assisting people with their personal loans.

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