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Assistance please
HELP! I am trying to send a largish file to a friend over the net but need a good , fast, reliable, secure and preferably free programme to do it. I have seen several and downloaded a couple but they don't seem easy to use. All I want is to enter the email addy of the recipient and then send the file. Simple as that. Thanks

What kind of file are you trying to send ? Have you considered zipping it using WinRAR ?

Also, don't forget that it might not be your end that's having the problem ... many offices, for example, have mail processing software and rules which prevent attachments of certain types and/or over certain sizes from being sent ...

If you sent an e-mail with a .zip / .rar attachment to anybody at my office, for example, then it would automatically be re-routed to me for scrutiny before release.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

Some e-mail programs, like Outlook Express, limit the size of attachments. I sometimes have a large file to send, such as a completed music project, so I generally use an ftp service such as YouSendIt or Rapidshare. I'd give you the URLs, but I believe this holds messages up on this system. If you can't find the details via a web search e-mail me and I can let you have the details.


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