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Normalisation of Rude Behaviour

Why is it so normal for people to just be so rude to other people's faces these days? When I was growing up, I was always taught to be polite to people but nowadays people seem to be so rude to others.

I have no idea, but apparently most think it's impressive because they cheer when even politicians and commentators act all Jerry Springer, so I guess these people imitate the poor examples that inspire them, and that spreads to others as well when they see to be taken seriously and get any respect then they have to be horrible.

I am not sure 'normalisation' is the correct word because bad behaviour certainly is not normal by any extent of the imagination.

I think a more appropriate word would be 'desensitisation', the more you are exposed to something, the less sensitive you become to it so that it become somewhat acceptable due to being less sensitive.

One man's rude behavior is another man's defiance of convention.

I think some people equate being rude with a superior status, whether monetary or intellectual, they feel entitled to place people below them in order to establish that they have the higher ground.

I would know, I do it myself.

it's the internet; it makes people believe they can get away with things X3

Social attitudes have changed from years back, people are more inclined to be rude or try and see the worst side to another person these days. I don't think there's any one reason for this although I do think that older generations need to stop blaming youth for negative attitudes.

Being someone who used to live in London (moved out when I was in my teens) I can definitely tell the difference between people then and people now, the only time I enter London is to see family now because I don't like the rising negative attitude of the area that I knew so well. My sister, her husband and my niece are now living with us because they've grown tired of the attitudes there too.

Raccoon Wrote:it's the internet; it makes people believe they can get away with things X3

Yes some people are like that on the internet but there are many who actively act rude towards others outside of the internet without any real justification for it. If we all used the internet to excuse bad behaviour we wouldn't get anywhere in attempting to tackle it.

We've just hit the me me me era. I see it everyday. People are just more for themselves these days. No empathy or compassion. It is pretty bad, lol.


Corsac Wrote:If we all used the internet to excuse bad behaviour we wouldn't get anywhere in attempting to tackle it.

I wasn't excusing it, I was explaining why we have trolls and haters

(mind you sometimes their rage is justified)

Many older generations who complain should worry about their own inexcusable rude behavior, after all kids look to them to learn how to behave (and for those who haven't figured it out, they pay a lot more attention to the example than the instruction, IOW, they'll do as adults do, not as adults tell them).

I think there are a lot of reasons, some of them already cited, but the first problem is ignorance.
Today a very lot of ignorant people has bachelor, master degrees etc, and thought to be better than the others.

I think I'm a polite person and many times people try to take advantage of it. Luckly I'm not weak or so stupid...

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