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Buyin' a piano.
Well, I have been wanting to get a piano for ages now. And since I will be working for awhile and making good money, I think I may try to buy one. Mind you, I don't really know how to play, but I do have some grasp of music.

I want to get a digital grand piano. I have my sights set on a Yamaha DGX 620. That one seems to do everything.

I guess my question in forming this thread is if there are any suggestions about what I should think about when buying a piano?

Cost and electric consumtion... And then garantees... How long is it garanteed? Since it's all electronics, it might go wrong. Something you'd be less likely to have to worry about were it a real piano...

Wilem will probably have a few things to say... when he's online.


Digital pianos are good, but it can never sound or feel like a real piano. Digital pianos always sound and feel too perfect. A piano's character is in its imperfections. I've got a £1400 upright digital piano (Dunno how we afforded that bugger), and a £95 old duffer real piano (upright) that's too old to be tuned to concert pitch (the strings would snap). Anyway I'd choose Bruce - the old duffer - over Roland any day. But then again that's personal preference.

Of course with digital pianos, if you're not a piano obsessive like me, are pretty good. When you're starting off, the unique feel of a piano doesn't make much difference to your playing, it makes more noises (although to be honest they're more often than not a bit rubbish), and it never needs tuning. And you can put headphones in, of course.

And btw I'm not a massive fan of Yamaha - they only sample their own pianos, and have a bit of a twangy sound that gets on my nerves. (And they're trying to monopolise the market, which is pissy in itself.) Great noise for pop songs tho.

What sort of music will you be playing on it?

I guess you are right Wilem to question the sort of music that Doug wants to make with his instrument. It makes sense to adapt the instrument to the music rather than the other way round, doesn't it?

i learned piano for awhile when i was a child, we had an old piano and i always felt much more comfortable practicing on that than on the plastic keyboards. i think it was just to do with the feel of the keys and such.

but then i got kicked out of the class so things like that became redundant and i pretty much gave up.

you should try out both if you can to see which you prefer.

I think his preference is a question of price... anyway.

XRIMO Wrote:... I guess my question in forming this thread is if there are any suggestions about what I should think about when buying a piano?
In absolutely no order of preference, cost, space, how high up you live (with implications for lugging unfeasible weights up many flights of stairs), whether you like the feel of an unweighted keyboard, whether you like the sound of your chosen weighted one, whether you have central heating. If you are buying electronic, do you want or need the full eighty-eight keys, do you just want a good electronic piano or will you want something you can programme and that has a lot of preset sounds and/or layers of inscrutable editing. Would you want to use it with a computer? If so would a "dummy" keyboard suffice while you spend your money on software samples (the excellent "Ivory", for example will give you multi-sampled Bosendorfer 290 Imperial Grand, a German Steinway D 9’, and the Yamaha C7 Grand). Would you want to transport your piano easily (I carry mine through airports all the time :eek: )?

You might check out a piano forum such as http://www.uk-piano.org/piano-forums/piano916.html rather than just a gay one Rolleyes but doubtless we can help if you want advice on choosing one that fits in with the rest of your colour scheme Cool

Oh, I'm sure there are lots more things to think about. Still, it all sounds very exciting and I wish you well. Have lots of fun Confusedmile:

That, Marsh... is the best advice I've read so far... It's great. Positively great!!! Yahoo. Confusedmile:

Thanks for the advice everyone! I will have to compile a list of things you all suggested and write back.

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