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Plz Help Me!!
Yesterday I told my mom that Im gay and she took it alright she said she still loves me and supports me no matter what. But after yesterday she acts weird shes extra nice and stuff. Im also very worried how my dad will react and my friends. I feel like Im going to lose alot of people because of this. My friends who are straight wont want to talk to me and stuff. I just feel like dying I feel horrible. Please give me some advice. Thx.

Your mum only worried for you. it great that she accepted for who you are. I had friends who were straight and christians but we were still best friends. If you tell them and they bully you for it then they not your friends not truly. Think about what you going to say and tell them are you feel inside and you need to let it out. Your dad may not like you being gay but he will always love you no matter what. The same with your mum. I know it hard belivie you me. You all ready done the first step by telling your mum. It scary but try to think postive instead of negative. I wish you well.

ElCabron Wrote:My friends who are straight wont want to talk to me . . .

If they don't, they were never real friends in the first place. You'll find new, and better, friends - believe me.


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