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Hey everyone, nice to see this place back up and running. right i'm 24, gay, had a civil partnership in August to my wonderful Husband, who should be signing up later as zachbosch. anyhow any how come this place did close down?

And too bad it closed down!! :mad: Nice to see u back anyhow, Osiris. I hope it will get busy soon.

tell me about it. so how have you been?

Not bad:

- lived with a boyfriend from july to november 2004
- went (again) to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, and for the first time in my life to Indonesia.
- got a new job (work is soso but collegues are nice)

And I have a new boyfriend since last New Year's day Big Grin

Hope we can flood Gayspeak again, just like we did in 2003/4.

Hey Osiris,

Welcome back!!! Had to close the site down for a mixture of reasons - upheaval of moving house (server the site is running from was at home), changing jobs and lack of spare time! Sob Sob! The site is back to stay for good though - promise!!! Smile

Late congratulations on the CP in August!!! Where did you have it? Hope it all went smoothly and you had a great day... Say hi to Zac for me!


Congratulations on the new bf!

Please flood the boards with as many messages as you can manage! Wink

Chat soon,

Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

yeah congrats norbert, and it's good to hear that you've been doing alot of new and exciting things.

as for the CP andy we had it in edinburgh justoff the royal mile.
it was great, the weather and the atmosphere.
so have all the old users been informed as well? if so it should only be a short while before it starts picking up again.
I Hope.

hello boys!! i just find this website again after it being off for such a long time. welcomed back and hope you all have a happy new year so far!!

love marco x

we both had a great festive season and how about yourself?

i am back tooooooooooo
i cant remember my id~~~~~~
so ~~~~~~new is me ~~~~~~~~
can anyone guest out who i am ~!

Welcome back, Feng! How have you been since 2004?

I don't remember your nicknames either but I do remember that you were Gayspeak's top poster! I hope you'll flood this site again and I will do my best to keep up with you.:p

欢迎,好老朋友! 我希望您长期和我们呆在一起。Big Grin

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