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Do you feel gay relationships move fast?
I have never been in a relationship with another guy. But i have read a few posts on GS and it sounds like some of you move faster than i have with most women. I know this is not all the case and thats not true of every relationship but i get the general feeling it moves fast. Is it because you both know what you really want and that you have spent so much time alone that it is really nice to be with someone?

I also have another question for gay guys mainly. How are bisexuals viewed according to you? I have watched tv and i know its not all true but a lot of gay people said they dont like bisexuals because they really dont have their identity as much as a straight or gay person. With being straight or gay the lines are clear and cut but bisexuals the lines are faded and unclear as far as sexuality goes. Do you find that an issue or have any kind of problem with them?

I feel that they move a bit faster too. But it may be the fact that we know what we want from our partners, because we know what we want. When dating the opposite sex, what do you really know about their mindsets in general comparison to ours. Does this make sense? If not I'm sorry

i agree with you and yes it makes perfect sense i have never been in a gay relationship so i have yet to experience it

I have. My first went really fast...

I think it can depend on a lot of different factors, like where you live and such.

My relationships usually tend to move ridiculously fast (to the point I've had 3 boyfriends move in within about 2 months of meeting/dating), but I tend to blame that on location. Because I live in such a remote area with little gay scene, I think whenever I meet a guy of similar orientation and we actually like each other, we seem to rush into things purely out of convenience.

I think, because we feel like there are so few options, we just skip a lot of the important steps - which is also probably a large factor in why these relationships never last more than a couple of months after the moving in with each other xD

Well, that and the fact that my female friends are a den of bitches...
And the fact that I seem to have a thing for closet cases...
And a lot of other factors... XD

I don't think it's a gay thing, I think it's an individual thing. And why would gay people know more what they want from their partners compared to straight people? Understanding another person's mindset isn't all about gender, far from it :3

I think they go fast, too, though. My first and I were hardly friends before we were together, and stpdo2 and I have only known each other since February. It's enough to make your head swim...

I think because gay people tend to have trouble finding possible boyfriends due to a smaller, less obvious dating pool; that when the opportunity presents itself, they can get swept up in it.

That's just my opinion anyway...

Krupt Wrote:I think blokes call it love once they have seen each others dicks far too often.

except for you huh?

Krupt Wrote:No, actually there is quiet a few people who have friendships before relationships...the rest of you are sluts Wink

Generally all of the relationships I've been in I've not felt any love towards the other person and just had sex with them so this is probably true.

Ahhhgh I need to find a love sometime in my youth cos I WANT IT NOW. I'mma going to join some clubs and shit and got to the uni fag club and stuff.

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