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Dextro energy tablet things
:o please tell me someone else remembers these! I've been eating these lately, and I know FOR A FACT that they have been around for 6 trillion years, but everyone I offer one to is like "eh? wah this?" :eek:

Umm never heard of em :redface:

I have never heard of them... I think.

Hello Blazingsmile, no you're not going mad! I remember them: I used to take them while out jogging! They give you some carbs and a little bit of fat to keep you going when you feel low on energy. I like the tropical flavoured ones best! Wink


ooooooooomg! thank you Eddie =D ... I bought like 9 packs of them the other day because they are so nice, I then realised they are lemon and I don't like lemon :/

... Riki ...

I have had a few packs of them,you can buy them from Chemists and stuff

yups Big Grin ... why you stressed reject Sad ?? -hugs-

Very damn bad toothache! Bloody hurts *hugs* I feel like an insomniac with toothache lol

Sympathies with you Reject6: toothache and back pain are the worst kinds. Hope you are feeling better shortly: have you tried some Neurophen?


If its got Asprin in it,my head will swell up and then explode...seriously. At least its getting better,probably another day or two. I only ever take paracetamol for anything. I have fear of going outside,arent i weird? :eek:


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