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Found footage horror films.
megumidesu Wrote:"the blair witch project" is awesome ~
i loved how much effort they put into making it seem "real" , with all the promotions and advertising

for a while the three main actors were listed as "missing : presumed dead" on IMDB apparently , lol ~

Yeah, with the internet campaign, i remember kids at school saying it was real! lol it was the origanal, i love the sequal too - Book of shadows, thats a really weird film, not handheld though.

Cloverfield is another good one. It's a brilliant film. It's probably not 100% horror, it has thriller elements too but it's still a good film, and whilst it's not psychologically disturbing or downright eerie, it does have quite a few moments which make you jump and tense up.

Not the scariest film but still thrilling.

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