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Gay board game is no trivial pursuit
[img2=left]http://www.gayspeak.com/forum/images/news/homogenius.jpg[/img2]Do you know in which film Karen Black played a transsexual? How about where the saying "friend of Dorothy" comes?

Well, if you don't, you better brush up on your gay history and fun facts because in the tradition of Trivial Pursuit, although no affiliation, there comes a new game called Homogenius.

It asks questions and introduces trivia titbits that pertain solely to gays.

The game offers a novel way to ignite conversation and learn more about the gay community.

Homogenius™ is the creation of the Trani family from Manhasset, New York, who thought of the concept while playing regular trivial pursuit with an openly gay member of their family.

The game celebrates gay culture and explores the contributions that gay personalities have made to theatre, music, movies, TV, publishing and politics.

The mother of the clan, Marianne Trani would often gather her family around the dining room table to play board games, and her gay brother Charles Cardillo often pulled up a chair to join in with his nieces Allison and Chris.

At first, in a joking way, the girls would add a gay oriented response to their questions in order to amuse their Uncle Chuck.

"So a question that began with 'What famous person' became 'What famous homosexual'" Allison Trani told the Republican in an interview about the game.

The game banter became a tradition in the household and as the girls began to delve more into gay culture, they discovered an entire world of trivia and facts pertaining to the gay community and decided to create a board game of their own.

Allison came up with the initial idea and Mom Marianne began to do the research.

Now, fifteen years later, Homogenius is finally ready for a mass market.

Chris Trani took over the role of marketing and promotions, set up the website and has pushed the concept to a wider audience at pride and other gay events.

She hopes to be able to appeal to a general audience and that the game can also act an entertaining teaching tool for people to learn about gay culture.

"The gay community loves it, but we want it to go mainstream because it's not just for gay people," Chris Trani said.

"Everyone can and should play it."

According to the website the object of the game, which comes packaged in a stylish trunk-like box, is to "come out of the closet" by correctly answering a series of gay trivia questions in two categories: Rumour and Potpourri.

The first person to step completely out first wins. The facts and information within the questions of the game are not just entertaining, but also educational.

Some questions will even stump the most knowledgeable historian of gay facts.

The game includes over 350 gay trivia and question cards.

In conjunction with Gay Pride Month, the Trani's have announced a special promotion and will sell the game for $24.99, a ten dollar discount from it's original price.

The Trani's are also donating 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the game to benefit the GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

GLAAD is dedicated to promoting and ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive representation of people and events in the media as a means of eliminating homophobia and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, and proceeds from the game will help support their efforts.

To order or for more information about the game visit the website - http://www.homogeniusthegame.com.
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

wow..that sounds great. Why did it take so long for them to make it? I will try to get the game :biggrin:

Hi all, Just thought I would jump in there and renew this post, does make a great gift too, Greetings, Jim
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]

[COLOR="Purple"]Excellent find James... I just ordered it and it is the same price as in the discount.


Question is, when can we all get together for a game of such??? Who's bought it yet?

reject6 Wrote:...Why did it take so long for them to make it? ...
New business ideas can take a long time to get off the ground. There would have been a long period researching the trivial facts that may not have been easy to track down, market research, design issues, raising capital for the project and doubtless the people involved had to continue living a daily life. Years can soon fly by on a part-time venture.

Why is trivia so important?

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

fredv3b Wrote:Why is trivia so important?

It isn't ... unless it's providing you with an income.

Funnypost But true.

Yea mine came today, looking forward to checking it out this weekend while I move. Also got one as a gift to a good friend, Jim
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]

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