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Be generally nice to people
lol no


Joshular Wrote:And actually the duck is a penguin. We'll name him gunter after the penguin off adventure time.

Sob! Sob! Waaaahaaa Sniff sniff Cry

No fair! he goes quack

Only ducks are allowed to quack


Kindness is worth it. Be kind to others and you will get kindness in return. Sure, there are always going to be ungrateful bas*****, but most people are not like that.

It's not even an option: if you are NOT kind to others, that's a sure way to be getting the same kind of response.

What goes around...

just be a little nicer than expected

Im always nice to people!

Well, that is unless you truly deserve the blunt edge of my tongue then you'll get it, boy, oh boy will you!

See, I'm a Leo and these claws aint just for decoration, baby!

Mostly, I'm a puddy cat!

Imma Bitch...

I'm very kind, Empathic, Altruistic, Loving, Loyal...But Imma Bitch.

Imma Bitch...


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